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The IPled modules are Led Modules with a resin, sealed into plastic cases, so they are suitable for outdoor and wet environments. They are IP65 rated and don't get hot, very efficient.

We have various sizes of led modules so they can be used for small letters and large lightboxes. Due to the 20 modules in a chain you have no restrictions in placing them anywhere.

All SMD modules come with a four year warranty.

IPLed Modules are usable for:
» Box letters
» Light commercial
» Stand building
» Atmosphere lighting

IPLED Modules specification:
» SMD TOPLED as light source
» Large viewing angle
» Lower light decay and longer life span up to 50.000 hours
» Low cost against high performance
» Energy saving
» Environmental friendly
» Suitable for backlighting, channel letters and light-boxes
» Waterproof IP65, ideal for outdoor use
» Easy installation and maintenance free



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