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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will your products last?

Under normal circumstances, LED products can last 3-25 years. White LED has the attenuation, which is mainly caused by the decrease of fluorescent powder. All the manufacturers of white LED in the world have to face that problem. In two years, it (the attenuation of our white LED) is not visible with bare eyes. In third year, there would be a slight attenuation of light, but not disturbing light effect. White Led, Blue Led and Green Led have some attenuation about 5-10% annually. Red Led and yellow Led almost have no light attenuation. In general, the obvious difference of intensity cannot be identified by the bared eyes in two or three years. Ofcourse lifetime and light decay from led material also has large influences from the environment and circumstances the Led is placed in.

Q: How long does the warranty last?

We do provide a two till four year warranty.

Firstly, we provided a standard one-year warranty according to the international common practice.
Because we have tested and used for many years and know we deliver very good price-quality material
we have upgraded to two years on all led material and even 4 years on SMD modules.

Secondly, as a manufacturer we have a responsibility to our clients. If there is any quality problem about our products, then we always strive to offer a solutions and achieve customer satisfaction

IPLED people believe “we do as we say.”

Q: Why do you have the best price-quality relationship?

1. The real quality of LED products can be further proved with the test of time. LED products from different suppliers have no big difference of the intensity in the beginning when being lighted up. After three months or half a year later, the intensity of poor quality products will decrease obviously. This is mainly up to the quality and production process of LED.

2. You could find the price of other LED products is lower than ours in the market. But IPLED people will not take a risk to participate in the low price competition at the cost of the quality. We believe that the good quality can lead us to a wider market. On the contrary, the poor quality will not only harm the buyer, but also take us to a narrow market.

3. We have ten years of experience in Led manufacturing. We consider well the stability and reliability of the products’ quality on circuit design as well as the selection of LED types. (If clients buy LED Horizontal Ribbon, we can point out its two features:

A. Paved with large scale copper, its PCB board has a good ability of heat dissipation
B. To enhance the flexible of it, the flat surface of PCB board is covered with special material.)

5. If you decide to cooperate with IPLED, it would be the best choice you ever made before, because we can provide you both of the high quality and good service.

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