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Ipled Led products range to save energy

Today when the whole world is facing energy crisis, saving energy has become a great desire and LED’s have emerged as the most energy efficient sort in this regard. The concept is to save electricity and IPLED is absolutely determined to break new grounds in this regard. Today were a large amount of electricity is consumed by tube lights and bulbs, saving electricity has become an essential need. In the last few years, energy savers have presided over homes, offices and industries but still the costs are quite high and it has become crucial to find a solution to shorten the electricity cost.

IPLED has been committed to provide the world with excellent and state of the art solutions for saving electricity and has emphasized on the use of LED’s Not only introducing remarkable LED products but also carrying out extensive research to make up mark in the field of LED products. IPLED have already achieved the goal of introducing a long list of LED products including LED modules, LED tubes, LED bars, LED power supplies, LED flex, LED RGB. Each product line is a blend of different models of these products, which are meant to meet the requirements of customers from all walks of life.

LED modules comprise of 2 modules namely IPLED 2 modules and IPLED 3 modules. IPLED 2 module further facilitates the users with availability in IPLED-2-W|White, IPLED-2-WW|Warn White, IPLED-2-Y|Yellow, IPLED-2-G|Green, IPLED-2-B|Blue and IPLED-2-R|Red models. All these categories are also available in IPLED 3 modules. IPLED offers three power modules: IPLED 1 Power Module, IPLED 2 Power Module and IPLED 3 Power Module. IPLED 1 Power Module is only available in white however IPLED 2 Module is available in white, blue, green, red and yellow. IPLED 3 Power Module has limited options and only available in white, blue and red. IPLED RGB has only two modules: IPLED 1-RBG and IPLED 3-RBG.

IPLED offers tubes in 4 different sizes: 60cm, 90cm, 120cm and 150cm. these tubes are economic and highly power saving. These sizes ought to meet needs of different places ranging from houses, offices, stores and lawns i.e. IPLED provides lighting solution for every place. Some customers don’t like tubes and for such customers, IPLED has introduces bars which are similar to tube lights but with smart and elegant design and designed for specific needs.

IPLED has inflicted great efforts in conducting sweeping research and devised incredible LED power supplies which are available as LED power supply 15 W, LED power supply 30W and Mean Well LPV-20-12 20W, Mean Well LPV-35-12 35W, Mean Well LPV-60-12 60W and Mean Well LPV-100-12 100W.

IPLED has also introduced innovative LED flex to make your parties and celebration astounding. The strips containing LED’s are flexible and you can use them to decorate almost everything like your home, office, marriage stage, party hall, office and what not! IPLED RGB modules are reliable and multipurpose and can be used in any open environment. They provide greater viewing angle and lower light decay up to 50,000 hours.

All IPLED equipments are easy to install and IPLED provides momentous warranty to catch the confidence of their valued customer.


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